Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hovercraft New Zealand

Considering purchase of a hovercraft in New Zealand? Hov Pod Hovercraft manufacture a range of hovercraft to suit leisure, commercial, rescue, survey and military patrol applications. Hov Pod offers the only hovercraft available with highly durable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). This material is far more durable than common glass fibre, and has excellent buoyancy properties. We are also introducing Carbon Fibre models up to 7-seater size, suitable for rental operations, commercial, police, rescue and military patrol.

If you are considering purchase of a hovercraft in New Zealand, we can arrange shipping for you. Need a demo? Contact us for a free guide, what to consider when purchasing a hovercraft, explains about hump, plowing, safety, engines, potential problems, how to overcome them. Complete the form for more information.

Visit our Face Book page to keep up with hovercraft developments, see our images and videos at Hovercraft FaceBook 

Hov Pods are designed to be easy to use; we set trim in our factory to dispense with the need for complicated levers and settings.

How do we compare?

We deliver a high value product, and fit polyurethane / nylon skirt material - we rejected Hypalon and Neoprene coated nylon skirts as they tear too easily, and are degraded by UV sunlight.

We fit engines with power in reserve to ensure you get home again - we do not up-rate engine or tweak them since modification invalidates warranty - Hov Pod Hovercraft are shipped with full engine warranty.

We value our customers, their friends, family and spectators, so fit front and essential rear guards to the fan duct - some suppliers scrimp on such details to make their craft go faster, we don't like compromising on safety issues, neither should you.

Free Guide

If you are not familiar with hovercraft and have never operated one before, request our free hovercraft guide which explains terminology such as Hump and Ploughing.

Rental Hovercraft Business

Hovercraft rentals and experience rides can be quite lucrative, everyone loves the thrill of floating on air at speed, contact us for free business guide.

Rep and Dealer Opportunities

Hov Pods are visual and offer a unique drive/flight experience - you float on a cushion of air, and can glide, do 180 turns, 360 spins, and cross from water to land to water without slowing down. Use over any flat surface, water, mud, sand, ice, snow, slipway.

Many of our customers get asked - where did you get this from, where can I buy one? Ask us about opportunities to help us spread the word about Hov Pod.